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Next Bus is application for the iPhone which displays the bus stops around your current location (UK excluding Northern Ireland) and the times of the next buses from each stop.

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Initial View. When started, the application tries to determine your location. The initial view shows the accuracy of the current position determined by the iPhones location services. When the accuracy is under 100 metres or 30 seconds have elapsed the view will switch to the bus stop locations view. You can cancel location search by tapping the cancel button.
The bus stop locations view shows the bus stops around your current location. If location services is unable to determine your current location with sufficient accuracy a message to that affect will be displayed. Pressing the Refresh button will attempt obtain a position with a better accuracy. Initial View.
Initial View. Scrolling down the view will show details for each bus stop.
Tapping a bus stop link will show the times of the next buses from that stop. Initial View.
Initial View. Tapping the 'r' button at the top right of the initial screen will display a list of recent locations. The row shows the city and street on the top with the latitude/longitude below or Postcode AADD DAA where AADD DAA is a postcode. Select a row to show bus stops for that location.
Tapping the Edit button at the top right of the recents view to enter edit mode. The top row allows you to add a postcode location by tapping the '+' icon on the left. Other rows can be deleted by tapping the '-' icon on the left. The postcode field of add postcode view performs postcode validation as follows Initial View.
Initial View.
  • Only valid major postcode values can be entered
  • Once a valid major postcode has been entered a space is added. If this is the wrong major, ie you want SG14 and a space is added after SG1, tap backspace and enter 4.
  • The minor postcode is validated as DAA where D is a numeric character and A is a letter.
Once a valid postcode has been entered the add button is enabled. If a previously entered postcode is entered again the text will turn red.

The details of the bus stops and the bus times are provided by the Travel Line web site. This application provides an ease of use access to that site.

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Releases and Problems

In some cases the app crashes on startup after version 1.1. Profuse apologies for this. A work around is to remove the app and then reinstalled it. Fix submitted to app store.

Fixes and features scheduled for v1.2.

Feature:Add lookup for postcode location information. Having the location information would allow the location search function to find postcode locations. Currently have to go the recent locations view and select the postcode.
Feature:Support for NI buses. TravelLine does not seem to support Northern Ireland Bus details. Investigating alternative source of data.
Feature:Allow entry of bus stops. Allow entry of bus stop numbers in the recents list. Every bus stop has a unique number. Optionally associate the current location with the bus stop entry.

Fixes and features scheduled for v1.1.1. Version 1.1.1 available in the appstore (1st March, 2010).

Fix crash on start up. A work around is to remove the app and then reinstalled it.

Fixes and features scheduled for v1.1. Version 1.1 available in the appstore from 23rd February, 2010.

Feature:Add editing capability to recents. Allow deletion of recent locations.
Feature:Add postcodes to recents. Provide the ability to add postcodes recents.
Feature:Add warning when accuracy is > 250 metres. When the location accuracy is greater than 250 metres prompt the user for a decision to use or cancel.
Feature:Add cancel button to front view. Provide a cancel button to terminate the locating function.
Feature:Add a 'bus stop' button view to the front view. Provide a button to switch to the bus stops view once a bus stops view has been displayed..
Feature:Change activity indicator during position location. Change the activity indicator to a progress indicator which will provide improved user feedback.
Possible crash if help or recents are displayed while locating current position. Logic error changing view controller.
Location Glenbrook St Macomb(2) This error had another cause which was more obtuse. Also improved the error handling for location services.

The following problems were identified in the initial release. An update(v1.0.1) is now available at the appstore. Thanks to the apple guys for a fast turn around. Please accept our apologies for these errors.

Uses previous location Due to a logic error in checking for a stale location, the previous location can be shown initially.
Location Glenbrook St Macomb This error can occur in poor reception areas.
No thoroughfare found This can occur in rural areas. An improved algorythm has been implemented which will reduce the occurrences of this situation. The application is dependent on the information returned by Google Reverse Geocoding services.
Incorrect labels in Help View Should be 'Back' and 'Forward'.

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