iTranmsitterLocatorUS Support Page

iTranmsitterLocatorUS is a simple application which displays the television transmitters sites. This version of the application only supports US locations. The user interface is quite straight forward, initially a map is displayed of your current location with the locations of each transmitter site within a set radius. The radius is configurable in the Settings application. Sites with are displayed with a green pin if the site contains digital transmitters, otherwise they are displayed with a purple pin.
Initial Screenshot. Tap a pin to bring up a context menu which shows the distance and bearing from the current location, along with the count of transmitters on the site. There is button on the left side of the context menu which will bring up a simple compass display with pointer showing the direction of the chosen transmitter, making it a simple operation to line up your aerial with the transmitter.

The button on the right side of the context menu brings up a list of transmitters at the selected site.

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The use of this application is entirely at the users discretion and the user assumes the entire risk related to its use. In using this application you should follow sensible health and safety practices.

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