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Winks is a tiddlywinks like game. At the start of the game the winks are positioned at the bottom of the screen with the target at the top. To score, a player has to land a wink in the target after being squidged. A squidge is the tiddleywinks term for flicking the wink towards the target. To start a new game either shake the iPod/iPhone or triple tap the target area. If a new high score has been set, the high score value in the game status bar will flash red for a brief period. To squidge a wink, swipe the wink as you would a traditional wink, that is from front to back. As in the traditional game the nearer the back edge the swipe is started the higher the wink will fly. When the wink is swiped nearer the front edge the wink will take a lower trajectory. The speed of the swipe will set the initial velocity of the wink. The direction of the wink will be along the line of the swipe. The iPod/iPhone will vibrate if a wink with no moves left is squidged.

Initial View. The number in the centre of the wink shows the number of squidges left for that wink. The current score is displayed in the centre of the game status bar at the top of the screen. The high score is displayed at the right end of the game status bar.
A bulls eye counts ten points. A partial bulls eye counts eight. A red counts six points. A partial red is four points. A blue counts two points and a partial blue counts one. Additional points are scored for hitting the target indirectly off the sides of the board. The score is increased by the value of the hit multiplied by the number of sides hit. For example hitting a bulls eye after bouncing of two sides scores 30 points. In Level 1 you have three opportunities to hit the target with a wink. Initial View.
Initial View. In Levels 2 and 3 the size of target is reduced and the moves per wink is reduced by one. The level can be set on the Options screen which is reached from the Front screen.
The Front screen has three buttons (two in the Lite version).
  • Game button which will take you to the game screen.
  • Options button which presents you with Options page (not Lite version).
  • Help button which will display the Help page.
Initial View.
Initial View. The Options page allows you to set the level of difficulty. Level 1 is the easiest. In Levels 2 and 3 the size of target is reduced and the moves per wink is reduced by one. The highest scores of up to six players can be tracked for each level of the game. An individual high score can be reset by pressing the reset button underneath the score.
Select the current player by pressing the player row in the list of players. Clicking the chevron on a player row in the Options page will display the Player Details screen where the name and nickname can be set. Initial View.
Initial View. The Help page is accessible from the Front page Help button or from the Game screen by orienting the iPod/iPhone either long edge up.
The Lite version has only Level 1, two winks and the scores are not carried over between games. Initial View.

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